“A Happy Family is but an earlier Heaven”

– George Bernard Shaw

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Individual Child Therapy

Individual child therapy is used to help children understand, and find solutions for negative feelings and upsetting events that they haven't had the chance to understand or resolve. A variety of techniques and methods are used to help children who are experiencing difficulties with their emotions and behaviour.

Family Therapy

Family therapy is a form of treatment that views socio-emotional problems and their treatment in terms of the interactions among family members. In this collective manner, family therapy can help family members improve communication and resolve conflicts. 

Group Therapy

Group therapy is often beneficial to children by providing support from other children going through similar situations. Group therapy provides a comprehensive therapeutic intervention process which is more cost-effective for parents.


Dr Fourie provides advice and assistance in all aspects of separation and family divorce matters. 

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About Arina Fourie

Arina’s qualifications include a BA(SW); BA (Hons Sw) (US); MA(Social Sci) (UP); PHD (Social Sci) (NWU). Arina completed the Famac divorce mediation training program, she incorporates the acquired skills in the work she does with children and their families, especially when working with high conflict divorce cases. She provides courts with care and contact assessments in divorce disputes. She has conducted extensive research and contributed to academic journal publications in the field of early childhood development, such as Child Abuse Research South Africa (CARSA), Practitioner researcher and Families in societies.
Arina has almost 20 years’ experience in the field of early childhood development and worked extensively in socially marginalised communities in South Africa and internationally. Her therapeutic techniques vary from crisis intervention and resource development to the empowerment of children and their families.

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