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Parenting workshop


Fears? Flight? Or frustrations?

Join us for the parenting workshop which introduces easy-to-use strategies for building emotional intelligence and raising happy resilient children.

Studies show that an integrated brain creates a stronger sense of self, more healthy relationships, better success in schools and many other benefits

Based on the book “The whole-brain child” written by
Dr. D.J. Siegel and Dr. Tina Payne Bryson 

What this workshop offers:

• Ways to transform everyday interactions into valuable brain-shaping moments
• A focus regarding how parenting impacts brain development
• Age-appropriate illustrations to help explain these concepts to your child
• The best recipe for change is interacting with other parents and encouraging each other to put these ideas into practice 

Group details

Date & Time: 

The workshop will take place on the 22nd and 29th March 2020 from 08:30am-1pm (The first and the last Saturday of the March school holiday break).


R850, includes refreshments and notes.


21A De Lorentz Street, Gardens, Cape Town, 8001.

Important notice:

To establish a more constructive relationship and to simultaneously apply the strategies and skills learnt during the workshop, I will be running a 8 week child-centered therapy group for children.
The child group therapy course will cover information that will link to the content of this workshop.

For more information on the child therapy group, please feel free to contact me. 

Parenting programme:

The parenting programme will be facilitated by Dr. Arina Fourie. The foundation of the programme is based on 12 effective parenting strategies to nurture your child’s developing mind, proposed in the book, “The whole-brain child” written by neuropsychiatrist Dr. D Siegel and parenting expert, Dr. Tina Payne Bryson.
Dr. Fourie integrated her own knowledge and experiences, as well as practical exercises to develop a well-researched programme.

This programme will help parents develop a better understanding on how children deal with their emotions.
It will provide guidance on how parents can effectively apply different strategies to help their children with overwhelming emotions and difficult life situations. It will help parents understand the ‘why’ behind overly-emotional responses of children. 


1. Introduction and building a partnership: Socio-emotional developing stages and age specific tasks for children and parents
2. Active listening, distraction and redirection: Survival skills for parents. How to connect emotionally with children before redirecting behavior
3. Help children develop dialogue skills (including I-messages) to tell stories to calm emotions
4. Insight into the child’s ‘upstairs’ and ‘downstairs’ brain and the value of integration of different parts of the brain: Social and emotional learning.
5. Introducing SIFT: How to pay attention to the sensations, image, feelings and thoughts within your child. Help your child to recognize SIFT within themselves and to how apply mindsight.
6. How to help your child connect through conflict: How to help your child recognize the point of view of others (the “we” vs the “me”) to encourage empathy.
7. Effective discipline and closure

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 21A De Lorentz street, Gardens, Cape Town, 8001.


C: 0832940467